7 Simple Ways to Help your Classroom Go GREEN

Easy & Creative Tips for an Environmentally-Friendly Classroom

Environmentally-friendly classroomEveryone’s going GREEN — the 3 Rs of the modern classroom are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! We’ve collected simple and creative ideas kids will love to boost environmental awareness and provide some extra fun along the way!

  • Reusable Water Bottles:  Encourage children to drop the plastic water bottle habit and bring reusable bottles to drink from during class and lunch.  If they do bring plastic water bottles, have a recycling container in the classroom  to capture plastics.
  • Found-art Crafts:   Skip spending at the craft store and recycle everyday items for crafts like magazines and wrapping paper, random hardware bits and pieces from home,  ribbons, yarn, streamers, cardboard paper tubes, egg cartons, packing styrofoam…anything goes!
  • Lunch-time:  Encourage students to bring lunch items in reusable containers instead of in plastic bags.  Try a class-wide recycling initiative like collecting juice  pouches and chip bags to be turned into awesome art and crafts from Terracycle.
  • Bring nature into the classroom!  Consider class nature projects like raising Monarch Butterflies or having a pet tarantula.  Not only will kids love caring for little critters, they’ll enjoy learning about how they can help maintain an environment, both inside and outside, for these animals and more to thrive.
  • Awareness!  Encourage students to become a GREEN team and share eco-friendly tips with their families.  Post a running list such as turning off lights, turning off water while you brush your teeth, reminding parents to bring reusable grocery bags to the store,  and asking to walk (with parents) to a family destination instead of driving.  Tip: For great ideas, check out Well Earth, Well Me – by Kenda Swartz Pepper – 15 tips for kids to maintain a healthy self and a healthy earth.
  • Classroom Gardening: Encourage care and respect for the environment by growing a classroom garden.   Whether it’s grass seeds, flowers, or herbs, many plants can be seeded, watered, and grow on the windowsill of the classroom – brings a little extra life to the place too!
  • Skip the paper signup sheets…online volunteer calendars with automated reminders mean saving paper and saving trees!  Free online sign up templates make organizing parents and volunteers a breeze!
  • Bonus tip Consider a simple, green fundraiser from our friends at Mabel’s Labels to raise money for field trips and classroom supplies. Colorful personalized labels are ideal for encouraging reusables and are waterproof and dishwasher safe!

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