Halloween School Party Activity Sheets

Quick & Super Fun Activities for Halloween Class Parties

Just around the corner, oh yes, it’s Halloween!
Finding costumes and candy itself can be a scream
Then your child’s room mom emails your greatest fear
Forgetting the class party almost brings you to tears
You want to help, but my, where’s the time?
If you  bake another cupcake you might lose your mind.

Like the quick sweep of a witch’s broom
You click right over to ZiggityZoom
Halloween activity sheets, ready to print

To the craft store and grocery, there’s no need to sprint
Color by number, word games and more
  At this year’s class party, you’re sure to score!


                           School Party Activity Sheet                                       

     Younger kids will love this                                Free printable Halloween
Color by Numbers worksheet!                          word searches will be a hit!


Find these wonderful ideas and many more from Kristin Fitch of ZiggityZoom.


Kristin Fitch is a parenting expert, author, educator and mom of three beautiful boys. She is also the CEO and  E ditor of Ziggity Zoom, LLC which hosts several crafting, parenting and activity sites including Mommie911.comZiggityZoom.com, and CuriousBaby.com, among others. Find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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