Sweet School Celebrations . . . Without the Treats

5 Ways to Host a Classroom Celebration Without Treats

Cookies, brownies and candy are tasty additions to any celebration and definitely have their place in the occasional classroom party, however, the classroom is also a great place to reward hard work with activities which step outside of the box.

  • Eat Lunch in the Classroom:  A change of environment especially during ample socializing time, LUNCH, is a fun break from the norm.  Kids can stay at their desks, or volunteers can even clear out a space for an indoor-type picnic area with blankets on the ground.
  • Barefoot Reading Hour:  No socks, no shoes, no problem!  Kids will love to bend the rules a little with barefoot reading time.  Strike up a game afterwards where kids get to guess whose shoes belong to whom!
  • Outside Reading Hour:  Quick, before it gets too cold, hold an outside reading hour under the recess lawn tree or on a couple blankets on the soccer field!  Sure the sunshine, gentle breeze and tweeting birds may distract a few kids, but they’ll love getting the fresh air and taking a break from the confines of the classroom.
  • Extra Play Time:  It’s more important than ever to make sure kids are staying active!  Extra play time and recess is a great congratulations for good grades, creativity and hard work in the classroom.
  • Kids Make the Assignment:  Older elementary age students will really love to be the teacher for an hour!  Reward extra effort with allowing students to brainstorm their own creative writing prompt, or compose a poem where each student writes their own original line.  There are infinite possibilities with this idea, but students are sure to enjoy each one they come up with!

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