Math Games

Kid Math Games for the Classroom, Home and Beyond

Adapted from ImaginationSoup

Math isn’t just for school – it’s in your daily life, too. Find the opportunities to weave in math practice with your kids throughout the day, and incorporate easy math games into classroom activities. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Kid at Chalkboard - Math Games

1.  Breakfast Math

CEREAL: How many 1/4 cups to fill up your cereal bowl? (estimation)

¼ CUP PLUS: What do those fractions add up to make? (addition of fractions)

TIME TO GO: How many minutes until we leave? How many hours until you return home? (elapsed time)

 2.  Sports Math

GAME SCORES: There is lots of math in all sports – think of adding, subtracting, and averaging . . . See this post about basketball math. (ratios, subtraction)

 3.  Car Math

LICENSE PLATES: Look at the three numbers on license plates and add them up. (addition)

 4.  Restaurant Math

HOW MUCH? Round everyone’s meal price to the nearest dollar. (estimation)

PRICE OF MEAL: Add up the items ordered before you get the bill! (decimal addition)

TIP: Figure out the tip. Move the decimal to get 10%, double it and voila! You have your tip. (percentage)

5.  Home Math

OBSERVE: Search for patterns in your house or in nature. (geometry)

BOOK: How many more pages left to read in your book? (subtraction)

EVEN STEVEN: Divide up the food you’re eating into equal parts. (division)


Penny Dice Game

Math Bingo


Math War. Use a deck of cards and play War.  The winner is the one who can add up the sum fastest.



Melissa Taylor is a freelance writer and blogger, an award winning educational blogger at ImaginationSoup.net, an award winning teacher with a M.A. in Education, the Book Editor-at-Large for Colorado Parent Magazine and a parent of two children, ages 6 and 9.

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