Classroom Party Game Ideas

Creative Classroom Party Game Ideas | Outside Fun Kids Will Love

We all know how important staying active and playing is for children, so while the skies are still clear and the sun is still beaming, get outside during the class party for some fun and games!

1.  Rock Paper Scissors Tournament!  Pair off the students for a rock paper scissors game, best out of three wins.  Take the winner of each, pair them off, and have them play again.  Work it until you have two left in the ultimate championship!  Kids will love playing, and it is quick enough and based largely on luck, that hurt feelings can be spared.  Everyone will have their eyes peeled on the final championship where the winner gets a fun treat, like a free homework pass or small treasure box toy, and you can bet they’ll be talking about it all day!

2.  Link Tag!  A fun take on the novelty touch tag game, have kids spread out and pair off, linking their arms, with two left out to be the runner and the chaser.   Goal of the game – the runner links up to a pair where in the person linked on the opposite side has to let go and is now being chased.  If the chaser tags the runner, they switch roles and the linking starts up again!

3.  Musical Energizers!  Get together with a few of the other class parents and choreograph a simple dance to an appropriate popular song kids know and love.  Simple steps like clap three times, the hand jive, the shopping cart, the sprinkler can easily be set to songs and will be fun to put together.  At the class party, clear out enough space for students to stand in a few rows about an arms length from one another.  Stand in front of the class and go over the steps with the class without the music a couple times, until you feel comfortable that they pretty much have it down.  Turn on the music and watch their eyes light up as they perform the dance, still watching you up front of course.

4.  Human knot!  Older elementary age kids will love this classic problem solver.  Break the class into two groups, have them circle up close, reach out both of their hands and hold someone else’s.  They need to unravel the knot, without anybody letting go of their hands.  Perhaps have some sanitizer on hand for before or after the game.

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