Unique Class Party Game Ideas

Sharing Time

Sharing time during a class party is a great to get kids involved as a focus of the free time class parties bring.  Here are some ideas for sharing time that will get kids talking, making new friends, and gathering in the spotlight together!

1.  Talents:  The novelty talent show is always a favorite!  Let parents know with a flier home, or in the online sign up invitation, that students will need to prepare a talent for a minute and a half or two minute presentation, bringing the necessary supplies, i.e. dance shoes, magic trick utensils.  For those children who do not want to share a talent or are simply too shy, have a joke book on hand which they can read a few out of.  Sure to get a laugh, this is a great way to include everyone.

2.  Rainy Day Activities:  Have students quickly share their favorite games and activities they save for rainy days.  Have scratch paper notepads for each so they can jot down their favorite ideas as their peers get up and share.

3.  If you could be . . .:  Have students sit in a circle and introduce fun topics for them to go around and say which they would be.  For example, if you could be any type of pizza, any flavor of ice cream, any fruit or vegetable, any athlete (which sport would you play), any character from your favorite book, etc.

4.  Favorite book:  Notify students and family that a favorite book sharing time will be included in the class party.  Have students bring their favorite books from home or the library and pick a passage to read aloud to the class.  Just a paragraph gives them time to practice at home if they are nervous, and before they read they can quickly say what the book is, who wrote it and why the love it.  Not only will this get kids excited about reading, but will also give them ideas for books and stories they may not have heard of which they will want to check out!  *If more than one child chooses the same book, no worries!  They will likely choose a different passage, making their turn to share still unique.

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