Thanksgiving Craft

Hand Painting & Turkeys Can Go Together!

Children’s artwork makes wonderful keepsakes and refridgerator decoration – add some colorful Thanksgiving pictures to the list for this year’s Thanksgiving class party or time off from school!


  • Red, yellow, blue and white non-acrylic, washable paint
  • Paper bathroom cups
  • White cardstock/construction paper
  • Paint brushes
  • 4 – 5 wash buckets and paper towels
  • Black markers


Depending on the number of students, set up four or five tables as their own painting stations where children can sit.  Adult volunteers can pour paint into the small paper cups.  Mix a little blue and yellow to make green, a little red and white to make pink, and so on.  Have children write their name at the top of their paper in front of them.

Paint the hand of one child at a time – the palm green, then streaks of yellow blue and purple up the fingers, and of course, a red thumb!  Keep the paint thick, not goopy, on their hand so they get a solid, but not squishy, print when they place it on the white paper.

Have a second volunteer immediately wipe the child’s painted hand with a wet paper towel and then let them rinse more in the wash bucket.  As you continue with the other children, those with hand turkeys made may draw a wattle on with a couple quick strokes of pink paint.

As the drawings dry, or by the end of the day when they are passed out to be taken home, have students draw a quick eye and legs with black marker.

This truly beautiful piece of Thanksgiving art can also be turned into a lesson for the season where the colors illustrate things we should be thankful for including the earth and trees (green), the sunshine (yellow), and the sky, rain and snow (blue, purple).

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