Mystery Reader

Creative Classroom Reader Program

Classroom readers are a vital part of the school community, sharing new and fun stories with imaginative young minds and getting them excited about reading!  One creative way to spice up the reading time experience is to engage students and volunteers in the Mystery Reader event.

Children ReadingHow does the Mystery Reader program work?  Simple!  Teachers and/or room parents send out a volunteer request for classroom readers asking those who sign up to keep it a secret from the class kids. Mystery readers can be a parent, sibling, friend, or any relative.

The week before the Mystery Reader is to come in, the teacher and/or room parent will request five clues from the reader which they can read out to the class the day of, asking students to guess who they think is coming into read!  Faces will light up with excitement as they guess who is coming and drum roll . . . the Mystery Reader is revealed!


Top Tips:

1.  Organize your sign ups online with free sign up sheets from VolunteerSpot!  Automated reminders will make sure volunteers don’t forget their mystery day.

2.  Don’t have parents signed up for one day?  Invite a well-recognized faculty member like the Principal or a librarian to come read!

3.  Dress it up for the holidays!  A couple elf ears or a red Rudolph nose will make holiday mystery readers all that more fun and special.

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