Snowman Snack Idea

Classroom Party Snack Idea Perfect for Winter

What goes with hot cocoa better than a super yummy sugar cookie, deorated just like a snowman!  Perfect for this year’s holiday party and winter-themed event, these adorable snowman cookies are brought to us from our friends at Carnival Savers.


Plain Sugar Cookies – 1 per child

Mini Chocolate Chips – 10 or so per child

Candy Corn – 1 per child

Non-Dairy Whipped Topping  – about 1 Tablespoon per child

Plastic spoons or knives – I per child

*Recommended for children all the way up through elementary school!




Cookie Making Time!

1.  With children at desks or seated at tables, pass out plates to every student, with one sugar cookie on each.

2.  Have volunteers add the supplies directly to each child’s plate, so little hands are double dipping the whipped topping or grabbing for extra candies to munch on!

3.  Have children lightly frost their cookie and then decorate with items on their plates to make a fun snowman face!

Eating their creations is definitely the best part, and the whole activity makes for a great photo opportunity too!


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