Teacher Holiday Gift Idea

Thoughtful Hand-Made Booklet from Children to their Teacher

By: Lori Krein (Adapted from Suite101.com)

After the holiday cookies are all gone, and the gift cards are spent, this is one extra special teacher gift which keeps on giving.  Hand-made booklets are a wonderful way for every single student to say Happy Holidays and Thank You to their teacher this season, and always!

First, you will need to find a time when you can talk to the whole class without the teacher being around, to explain the project. It’s a good idea to make an example booklet so the kids can have an idea what it might look like when it’s all done.  If you find it difficult to get the kids alone, just tell the teacher you are working on a special holiday project with the class … even if he or she becomes suspicious, they will have no idea exactly what you’re doing so it will still be a surprise!

 If it’s not possible to talk to the class face to face, then consider writing a note home explaining your idea, with two blank pieces of paper (one for the writing, one for the drawing and/or photos).

Students may work on their page at home and return it by bringing it back to school or dropping it off in a special box in the office so the teacher will never see it until it’s all put together.

Here are some ideas to help the kids with making their page:

  • Write down five things you love about your teacher
  • Draw a picture of you and your teacher doing something together
  • Draw a picture of the teacher teaching in the classroom
  • Write a story about a special moment you had with your teacher
  • Write a poem about the teacher
  • Take some photos of the classroom and make a collage
  • Finish this sentence: “(fill in the teacher’s name) is my favorite teacher because…”

There are many ways to express how a child feels about a teacher. Sometimes, the child might resist this exercise because he or she does not like teacher. This might be a good opportunity to help your child find just one or two things about the teacher that they do like – even if it’s something as simple as the way he or she dresses! When everyone has turned in their pages, simply add a cover, staple them together, and wrap it up!

Your child’s teacher will treasure this gift forever. Give it a try! You’ll be glad you did, and so will your teacher!

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