Holiday Classroom Party Ideas

Holiday Party Games & Activities

School’s almost out for break and that means, party time!  Find novelty and new holiday and winter party game ideas, and let us know some of your own!

Gingerbread House:  Depending on class size, one to three gingerbread houses will allow a team of kids to create a masterpiece.

Pin the Snowman:  A few simple cut-outs including three large white circles, an orange carrot nose, black and red circles for buttons and lips makes for a timeless game kids of all ages love!  Splurge on some more construction paper for a top hat, arms, and a scarf!

Snowflake Cut-outs:  Years of practice have made parents truly genius at the novelty snowflake cut-outs.  Spice it up with colored paper, glitter, and silver ribbon for hanging in the classroom or at home!

Math Games:  Red and green M&M’s turn addition, subtraction, division and multiplication into holiday fun as school wraps up.

Lollipop Tree:  Wrap festive cloth or material around large foam cones with tiny holes for placing holiday treat pops.  Holiday trivia allows winners to pick out a pop, one until everyone’s sweet tooth is satisfied!

Holiday Reading:  Ask the experts (the school librarians), which holiday stories are a favorite among kids!  Find one or two and schedule a mystery reader to come and spice up reading time during the party.

Paper Chain:  Red and green garland makes a festive decoration for the classroom, and home!  Simply cut red and green strips of paper and ask students to write their favorite winter memories on them.  Link together by stapling and string across the room.

Glitter Glue Snowflakes:  Take wax paper and trace out snowflake designs with Elmer’s glue. Sprinkle on glitter and after drying for a day, peel them off and the kids will have a sparkling snowflake to take home!

Find lots more classroom party ideas in VolunteerSpot’s free ebook! (Pages 12-13 have great winter-themed ideas).  What are some of your favorite holiday class party activities?

Classroom Party Ideas

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