Celebrate In Service

Make Martin Luther King Day a Day of Volunteering

Encourage kids to make their Monday ‘off’ from school a day ‘on’ for volunteering!  There are simple, yet countless ways to make a difference in the spirit of MLK Day . . .
1.  Random Act of Kindness – From raking a neighbor’s leaves, to baking treats for a relative and making cards to snail mail to a friend, small acts of kindness go a long way.

2.  Connect with a group – Find out if a local community organization or faith community is planning a service project for MLK Day and ask how you and your family can get involved.

3.  Donate Warmth – Take a couple hours in the day and collect gently used coats, blankets and clothes to donate to a local agency or shelter.

4.  Contact a Food Bank – Ask what type of food donations they are most in need of and make a point to pick up and drop some off that day.  If possible, volunteer your time helping sort and stock food and goods at the foodbank that day.  Check out 8 Tips for Donating to A Food Bank.

5.  Plan some Teacher Appreciation – Prepare muffins and coffee/tea for the following morning back to school and have them for the teacher first thing in the morning.

6.  Get a start on Valentine’s – Take time with the kids to make hand-made Valentines and candy grams to be shared with a local family or women and children’s shelter.

7.  Clean Up – Organize a neighborhood or local park clean-up if weather permits; have cider and cookies to end!

8.  Cook Together – Call a busy parent you know or friend in need and tell them not to worry about dinner.  Plan and prepare a full meal with the family and go together to deliver it.

9.  Go Green – Give back to the environment on your day of service by collecting recyclables in the house, limiting water use, and making a point to use less electricity by turning off lights when leaving a room.

10.  Learn – Continue education about Martin Luther King, Jr. and what he stood and fought for with great resources from GenerationOn and MLKDay.gov.

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