Valentine’s Day Class Party Ideas

 Class Party Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just a month away which means teachers, room parents, and especially kids are already thinking about sweets, cards, and parties!  We are getting a jump start on the holiday with some fun and creative ideas from the web.

1.  ZiggityZoom has everything from craft and snack ideas, to activity printables!

2.  Pinterest is a great new social media tool that is all about sharing and community – simply search topics like Valentine’s or Class Party to find exceptional visuals, ideas, and resources.

3.  MakeandTakes, one of our favorite craft sites, has countless Valentine’s ideas including Monster Valentines for the classroom.

4.  KidPartyIdeas has a list of game and activity ideas for you, from Valentine’s memory games to scavenger hunts!

5.  VolunteerSpot’s free e-book is your go-to guide for class party ideas; check out pgs. 14 and 15 for Valentine-themed brilliance!

Classroom Party Ideas

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  1. amelia

    hi I,m planing a valentines day party for 3-5 people i don,t know what to do

    1. Snoopy

      Look on Pintrest for ideas. Also search on the web for ideas.

  2. Cyndi

    Just an fyi the link in #4 to the KidPartyIdeas goes to a shady site. You might want to remove that link to keep unsuspecting readers from calling the number that pops up thinking their computer has been infected.

    1. Meg

      same thing happened to me.

    2. Kim

      thank you for posting this b/c it happened to me and I wasn’t sure what to do until I saw your post!

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