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Valentine’s Class Party Game Idea

February is just around the corner and Room Parents everywhere are likely planning one of the students’ favorite parties of the year, the Valentine’s Class Party!  For creative and fun game ideas, we looked to OneCharmingParty who have come up with a “lovely” activity that will have kids moving, and learning too!

Photo Courtesy of OneCharmingParty

Find Your Heart Mate:

1.  Use construction paper and doilies to create hearts, when finished, cut them in half. (OneCharmingParty provides printable hearts for quicker crafting)!

2.  Take the halves and write math equations on each for matching up later during the activity.  Keep the equations grade appropriate, i.e. what students are currently learning whether it’s addition, multiplication, fractions, etc.

3.  During the party, pass out one half of an equation to each child, spread out fairly evenly throughout the room.

4.  Have students walk around the room finding their heart mate.  Play fun Valentine’s music from the classics like Frank Sinatra!

5.  Once they’ve made the correct match they can sit back in their seat, or sit as a pair on the floor.  Let the game finish, but note the first three pairs to sit down and award them a prize!

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One Charming PartyOne Charming Party specializes in DIY children’s party plans. Our philosophy here is “spend less time planning and more time creating memories with your kids.” Founder Brittany Egbert gained an appreciation for a good party at a young age while helping with her mom’s catering business. She has many years of local party planning under her belt–mostly because she has a husband and four kids who all have birthdays every year! For more great ideas, or to view a free party plan, check out onecharmingparty.com.

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