Conversation Heart Game Ideas

Class Party Valentine’s Games with Candy Hearts

Did you know the novelty conversation heart candy has been around for over 150 years?  These pastel-colored, sweet candies continue to bring smiles each Valentine’s Day, and these simple yet fun games are sure to do the same!

  • Candy Hearts Bingo: Simple enough – instead of playing with chips or dots, hand out candy hearts for kids to play bingo with.  Everyone gets to keep their candy while the bingo winners get an extra pack to take home!
  • Candy Hearts in a Jar:  Fill a mason jar with candy hearts (count em’) and start off the party with each child guessing how many are in the jar.  Have them write their guess on a scrap of paper with their name and end the party by reading off guesses and announcing the winner!
  • Candy Hearts Match Up: Split up your candy heart supply before the party, whether by phrase or color, and orchestrate matching games for the kids to play, i.e. play music while students walk around and circle together with others who have like colors or words on their hearts.
  • Candy Heart Can Toss:  Ask volunteers to recycle their used and washed large coffee cans, decorating them with colorful, Valentine’s themed paper and hearts.  Make space in the classroom for a small toss game and set 3 to 5 cans in a row, 3 to 5 feet from the line of students.  Each child gets five chances to toss a candy heart into any of the cans; those top three students who score the most get a special treat (think fun pencils and erasers)!
  • Candy Hearts Pick Up:  Give each student a pair of chopsticks, a small cup or bowl, and a plate of candy hearts.  Set a timer for two minutes while students try and place as many candy hearts as they can in their cup or bowl with the chopsticks.  At then end, have the students count the total number of candy hearts they were able to place in their cup with the chopsticks, and the kid with the most wins a fun school prize!


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  1. Sylvia

    Thanks for the ideas! I will be using some of these in my class this year!

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