Valentine’s | Thank You Notes

Drop a “Love Bomb” this Valentine’s Day

Say THANK YOU this Valentine’s Day with a fun, outlandish surprise folks will be talking about for weeks!  “Love bomb” those who are making a difference in the life of your school with an explosion of Thank You notes and Valentines!

Cover a surface!  Consider space, safety and where your notes will stand out but not be in the way.

  • Principal’s door
  • Teacher’s Desk
  • Hallway Bulletin Board
  • Teacher’s Lounge Wall
  • Front Office Desk
  • Library Bookshelf
  • Cafeteria Door
  • Custodial Closet Door

Get Creative!  “Shape” your notes to the person you are thanking:

  • Book cut-outs for the library
  • Food trays or milk cartons for the cafeteria
  • Mop and broom shapes for the custodial closet
  • Math and grammar symbols for the teacher’s lounge
  • Hearts and stars for the Principal or Guidance Counselor’s desk

Gather kids at recess, during lunch, before or after class and take ten to fifteen minutes for each to write a short Thank You note or Valentine.  Sneak in before school starts with a couple other parents on Valentine’s day and paste away!  Leave a note that you will be back to clean up after school.

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