Field Day

Classroom Activities for Field Day Planning

Field Day Ideas

Field Day gets kids moving, emphasizing the importance of staying active while also having an awesome time!  The days leading up to Field Day are prime time to engage the entire school community in spirit-building events!

School Spirit Week:  Align your Field Day with school spirit week, getting every class and grade excited about their school community while having tons of fun!  Coordinate with the parent teacher organization, student government and school staff for planning a themed week leading up to Field Day.  Here are some ideas for Spirit Week:

  • Pajama Day
  • Hat Day
  • College Team Sport Day
  • Wacky Day
  • School Colors Day
  • Super Hero Day
  • Cray Hair Day
  • Mustache Day

Team Name:  Have classes choose a team name in the days leading up to Field Day and take one art project or craft time that week to make a poster/sign to show their class pride!  Consider having the poster posted on the door, bulletin board, or even on a post for carrying around on Field Day.

Field Day Sign Up Sheet

Volunteers:  Create a plan of attack with fellow parent leaders in organizing volunteers!  Create an online sign up sheet to coordinate station supervisors, snack and drinks, as well as supplies, set up and clean up.

Resources:  Click for a go-to guide for field day games, field day activities, snack ideas, and well as must-know tips for making your field day a success!

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