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Recess is a great time to capitalize on outdoor fun as March Madness gears up!  Room Parents are often times in charge of organizing parent volunteers to oversee recess time.  These fun basketball games are easy to coordinate with kids during recess and are tons of fun!

Games for Kids1.  Knock-Out:  Kids stand in a single file line with the first two starting to toss the basketball into the basket at the same time.  The kid who gets the ball in the basket first, hands it off to the next in line, knocking the person they were shooting against out of the game.  The line wittles down to just two left and the player who makes the basket first wins!

2.  PIG or HORSE:  One student tosses a ball through the hoop – if they make it, the next kid has to shoot from their spot.  If they do not make it, they are given a letter (to begin spelling PIG or HORSE).  This is repeated until one player racks up all the letters in the animal names.

3.  Shoot Out:  Everyone loves to get their hopes up as a long shot makes its way through the air towards the net!  Give every kid a chance to stand at half court and either shoot backwards or granny-style and see if anyone scores a basket!

4.  Around the World:  Pick out five spots on the court (around the free throw line) and let kids know they have to shoot and sink a shot from each spot.  Starting at the beginning, every kid who scores moves to the next spot, and those who do not, stay in place until they do make a basket (as their classmates pass by).  Goal is for everyone to make all five shots and go all the way “around the world”!

Encourage kids to cheer one another on when playing competitive games at recess, and most importantly, to have fun!

Online Sign Up Sheet

Organizing parent volunteers for recess?  An online sign up sheet lets you gather sign ups for a full calendar semester!  Invite parents to sign up via email, newsletter, facebook, twitter, you name it – they can sign up from their computer or smart phone at their convenience, and automated reminders help everyone keep their commitments!

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