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T-Shirt Pillows | Creative Found-Art Craft

By: Kate Bloemers of BloemandGrow

T-shirts always seem to wear out around our house…and with a husband that wears them everyday, we go through A LOT!!

Well, my hubby has a few that bring back some special memories or are just plain cool, but he has, well let’s just say made them not as attractive to wear anymore. So I have been looking for a cool way to use these t-shirts. I’ve heard of the quilts, but they don’t quite fit so when I saw some t-shirt pillows I knew that it was the PERFECT idea!!
My son’s room is baseball themed and since most of the t-shirts I had to work with were baseball/sport related they would be a great addition to his room! 
So I got to work!

  • old or new t-shirts
  • stuffing (higher polyfil the better, or you can use a pillow form)
  • pins
  • rotary cutter and cutting mat
  • lightweight fusible interfacing
Now let’s get started:

First off decide what part of the shirt you are going to use.

Using your rotary cutter and mat line the shirt up and cut you will want your image to be centered so cut accordingly. Cut through both layers of the shirt.

Now cut your interfacing to the same size as your pieces. You will want to iron this onto both sides of the pillow, it helps to keep the shirt from stretching and tearing after you sew.

Next, pin right sides together and then sew around the outside leaving 3-4 inch opening for you to stuff.

Trim corners and then turn rightside out, and STUFF! Then finish off with an invisible stitch.
Display with JOY and ADMIRATION!!
The smile on my son’s face is enough for me to know that it’s a job well done!
About the Author:

Hi!! My name is Kate. I’m a 30 something crazy mom of two who married her high school sweetheart!  Always crafting, creating and driving my husband nuts!! When I’m not crafting, blogging, or mothering I work as a reading/language arts parapro, as well as run my own crafting business (http://www.bloemandgrow.com/). Be sure to check out my blog Fairy Tales & Fun (http://www.bloemersfamily.blogspot.com/), where I blog about my crafting adventures, parenting challenges, and my ever constant goal to be healthy. Hope you’ll stop by soon!

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