Classroom Memories

Tips & Ideas for Sharing the Classroom Experience

Free online sign up sheets let room parents coordinate volunteers for all aspects of classroom needs, from daily readers to recess, lunchroom, and field trip volunteers.  For those special events like class parties and field day, make sure to ask for one or two volunteers who can take pictures (or serve as the class historian).  Keep these ideas in mind for creative ways to capture memories and share the classroom experience.

1.    Ask  techy parent volunteers to create a digital scrapbook of the year’s events with everything from photos to pictures of classroom artwork!  This classroom treasure can be shared with parents via email or e-newsletter, or can be presented to the teacher as a end-of-year group gift.

2.  Keep in contact with the yearbook committee and submit class photos and fun stories from the school year.

3.  Coordinate one week’s art project for decorating photo frames.  Let students pick printed class pictures to place in their frames to take home.

4.  Take video!  The average smartphone now allows for quick videos to be taken anywhere with ease – capture the classroom experience with a short video and share with parents who could not participate.  Interview students about their favorite school year memory and save for viewing during Teacher Appreciation Week.

5.  Get ‘old school’ with a Polaroid or disposal camera – take (or encourage students to give it a try) and print active class photos from the semester’s big activities – string around the classroom during the last couple weeks of school.

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