Nutrition in the Classroom

Healthy Snack Ideas, Classroom Activities, and More!

Healthy Snack IdeasMarch is National Nutrition Month and with the bright arrival of Spring, a prime time to talk with kids about eating healthy and staying active!  Here are six ideas to implement healthy eating and nutrition awareness in the classroom:

1.  Incorporate healthy alternatives to the typical sweet treats you find in classroom parties.  Fruit kabobs are a fun way to get a serving a day and baby carrots with dip are hard to pass up.  Find more healthy snack ideas over at Parenting.com.

2.  Consider having a treat-free classroom celebration like pajama day, extra playtime, or additional reading hours.

3.  Plan a 30-day recess extravaganza where each day (or every other day) one student gets to lead their class in their favorite outdoor activity, from jumping rope, to kickball, tag, basketball games, you name it!

4.  Teach not only nutrition, but responsibility and science through gardening.  Whether your school has its own garden, or the class starts growing herbs on the windowsill, a gardening project is a fantastic way to emphasize healthy eating and nutrition.   Check out @schoolgardening on twitter for top resources and fun ideas.

5.  Check out interactive games, videos and quizzes over on EatRight.org!  Fun word searches, math games and trivia make the nutrition conversation even more fresh!  More info as well over on the National Nutrition Month facebook page!

6.  Check out VolunteerSpot’s free ebook with healthy snack ideas from A to Z!  Great for the classroom and sports groups!

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