National Volunteer Week 2012

Volunteer Recognition in the Classroom

National Volunteer Week is fast approaching – April 15th through the 21st of this year.  Classrooms find it hard to function without the love and steadfast support of both teachers and exceptional parent volunteers.  Whether it’s reading to the class, keeping watch during lunch and recess, stuffing folders at the end of the week, planning field day, class parties, and field trips, parent volunteers make it happen and National Volunteer Week is the perfect time to recognize their hard work!

Check out these four ideas for recognizing your classroom volunteers:

Volunteer Recognition1.  Individualize your Thank You!  A personal handwritten note, an individually specific email, a small token of gratitude like a gift or framed photo all go a long way to conveying appreciation to a special classroom volunteer.  Make sure to not only thank them, but let them know why their time helping in the classroom is so meaningful.

2.  Consider Group Gifts!  If there are one or two stand-out classroom volunteers, consider giving them a gift that reflects the appreciation of the entire class and parent community.  Gift baskets and gift cards are always well-received, or get even more creative with a group video or picture posted to the volunteer’s social account (i.e. facebook, twitter).

3.  Public Recognition!  Consider having your thanks for the parent volunteers in your classroom included in the school’s morning announcements, promoted in the school newsletter, or even shared with local news outlets, i.e. newspapers and television.

4.  Free Volunteer Recognition E-book from VolunteerSpot!  Find tons more ideas and thoughtful ways to say THANKS!

Volunteer Recognition from A To Z

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