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Creative Ideas for Dyeing & Decorating Easter Eggs

Easter is just around the corner, Spring is in full swing, and it’s time to get the egg hunt on!  Find some alternatives to traditional store-bought egg dyeing here as well as creative ways to put a twist on the typical egg decorating designs!

Easter Egg Decorating Techniques:  A little aluminum foil, some string and some acrylic paint makes for uniquely decorated Easter eggs that are sure to catch the eye!  Catch these ideas with steps and recommendations over on FamilyFun!

Non-Dye Ideas:  Metallic and sparkly stickers let kids decorate and stay relatively mess-free!  Also try giving kids the chance to thumbprint their eggs and draw little faces and characters on them for a more personal touch.

Natural Easter Egg Dyes: Plant-based coloring is a natural alternative for dyeing Easter eggs and results in just as beautiful and vibrant colors!  For example, boil eggs with red onion skins or soak eggs in pomegranate juice to procure gorgeous red hues, boil eggs with spinach leaves for a soft green color, or simmer canned blueberries in water, strain, and leave eggs in the water for a rich blue dye job!  Find these and more natural ideas over at Care2.com!

Heart-shaped Eggs:  After the annual egg hunt is over and it’s time to dine, consider trying this unique idea from AnnaTheRed for shaping your boiled eggs into shapes that slice up as hearts!

Bubble-Paint ‘Em:  Bubble painting is a thrilling art project when it comes to paint and paper – imagine the fun kids will have when they get to decorate their Easter eggs with it!  Check out steps and tips for bubble painting.

Free Online Sign Up Sheets - Easy Volunteer Coordination

Are you organizing an Easter Egg Hunt?  Check out How to Host the Best Easter Egg Hunt!  And remember, free online sign up sheets help you coordinate all the egg fillers and hunt volunteers!

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