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5 Ways to Support & Encourage Your Grade-School Child When They’re Hitting the Books

By Marianne Neifert, M.d.


Homework Help1. Talk to your child’s teacher. Find out the homework policies, including how involved you’re expected to be. That way, you can keep your child on track.
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2. Help her get organized. When she has a report or other long-term project to do, find out the deadlines for each task she needs to complete along the way and make sure she meets them.

3. Stick around. A child this age should work with you nearby, even if you’re folding laundry or paying bills, to make sure she stays focused.
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4. Stay positive. If you’re overly critical of her work, she’ll get discouraged. Remember that she’s just a grade-schooler. Focus on the effort or creativity rather than dwelling on every error.

5. Don’t rescue her. Taking an interest in her work is great. Writing compositions or driving forgotten projects to school for her isn’t. Better for her to forget a due date and learn her lesson in second grade than when she’s in college!
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 Article Courtesy of Parenting.com

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