Environmental Awareness

Make the Classroom Eco-Funtastic!

Emphasize the importance of Earth Day with year-round practices that give the classroom a green edge and keep students eco-minded!  Perfect for art project, recess and reading time, these five ideas make everyday classroom activities eco-funtastic!

recycling kidsPlant flowers:  Dixie cups, seeds and a little water goes a long way to teaching kids how to care for something, making them proud, and helping them discover the beauty of nature.

Recycled Art:  Collect those reusable items that would typically go to waste like styrafoam cups, miscellaneous hardware, ribbons, buttons, you name it and make keepsake art kids can get creative with and take home!

Water bottles:  Encourage less plastic use by having a reusable water bottle decorating party!  Let kids go crazy (but not too crazy!) with sharpies, coloring their reusable water bottles so they’ll want to hold on to and use them all the time!

Eco-Reading:  Send home an earth-loving reading list like The Ecoseekers, adventures in protecting the environment!  Tales like Time for National Parks introduces the next generation to America’s national parks in a creative and interactive way!

Green Parties:  Eco-fy those annual class parties by implementing simple green ideas like serving fresh foods and reducing waste.  Find these and more Eco Class Party Ideas here!

Check out 7 other simple ways to go green in the classroom and don’t forget, free online sign up sheets help room parents and parent volunteers reduce their environmental footprint too!

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