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Teacher Gift Ideas | Gift Cards

High on the teacher gift idea wish list this year are gift cards, books/music, and classroom supplies!  We’re talking gift cards today and how to move from the same ol’ same ol’ gift card giving to the fun, creative and thoughtful gift card presentation!  Check out guidelines for the best gift card giving and fun ideas for gift card holders from the web below!

teacher gift idea gift cards


These gift card snow globes are so versatile and simple to make – fill with glitter for a fantasy feel or pop in small spring flowers, mini erasers, you name it!  Find step by step instruction from our friends at OneCharmingParty here.



Teacher Gift Idea

Photo Courtesy of 247moms.com

Gift card bouquets are a cheery way to celebrate the season and present an array of gift cards to local restaurants, coffee/tea shops, bookshops, and everyday stores.  Attach each to a stock paper or envelope flower, and decorate with words of thanks and appreciation.  Find this and many more teacher appreciation ideas over on 247moms.com!



teacher gift idea gift card

Photo Courtesy of Makeit-Loveit.com

Wrap those gift cards in some fuzzy love like these super-cute gift card cozies from Makeit-Loveit.com!  With colorful fabric and a few stitches, gift card cozies are a fun, homemade way to present some quick cash (and can easily be re-gifted).




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