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End-of-School-Year Activities for the Classroom

With the end of the 2011-2012 school year fast approaching, kids are pumped for summer but also carrying the loads of end of year testing, leaving their friends and teachers, as well as feeling apprehensive about what the new grade level will bring.  Check out some fun classroom activities that can lighten the emotional burden and ring out the end of the school year with a bang!

Partner with a Pal:  Have students buddy up for a half or whole day with a kid in the next grade level to talk about what they can expect next year and to get excited about moving up in school!

Photo Opp:  Have students craft hand-made frames for their 2011-2012 class photos, or ask parents to bring in photos from the school year – think class parties, field days, field trips – and string them around the room as happy reminders of what a great year it has been!

Memory Book/Video:  Are any of your class parents good with digital movie making or has the class historian put together the class year scrapbook?  Get students in on the fun!  Make a video with a quick clip of each saying what they are thankful for from the past year and share with them and their parents, or take art project time to compile a class scrapbook, allowing each student to add their special touch.

Special “Treat”ment:  Cook up some unique end of school year snacks for recess or party-time.  We love these creative yet simple graduation treats from LittleNummies, perfect for elementary and middle school graduations!  Layin’ off the sweets?  Implement some sweet-free celebrations kids will love!

Writing Time:  Have kids write letters either to themselves for when they begin the new school year or for upcoming students who will be in their teacher’s next class.  Have them set goals and relay what an awesome year they had with their teacher!

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Organizing an end-of-year class party?  Free online sign up sheets are easy to set up and let parents sign up 24/7 from their computer or smartphone!  Automatic reminders also help everyone keep their commitments!

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