Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Gift Ideas | In a Jar

Keep this year’s teacher gift simple, compact yet thoughtful with fun, creative recipes and ideas you can fit in a jar (or a treat bag)!

We love Smores in a Jar from FrugalGirls.com

Photo Courtesy of FrugalGirls.com


Yum! Homemade Granola from MildlyManicMom.com

Yummm. . .homemade granola in cute gift bags from MildlyManicMom!

Photo Courtesy of MildlyManicMom.com


Ooooh . . . Red Velvet Cake in a Jar from MyCakies.blogspot.com

Photo Courtesy of MyCakies.blogspot.com


Fun! Sewing Kit in a Jar from TipJunkie.com

all crafts 37 Recipes How To Make Gifts In A Jar

Photo Courtesy of TipJunkie.com


Your teacher will love Pampering in a Jar from TheGunnySack.com

Photo Courtesy of TheGunnySack.com


Can’t beat a Gift Card in a Jar from OneCharmingParty.com

teacher gift idea gift cards

Photo Courtesy of OneCharmingParty.com


Find many more “In a Jar” recipes and ideas:




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