Summer Service Ideas

Summer Service Projects for Kids

Kids don’t need cars or cash to do good this summer! As school ends, encourage kids to commit to simple service projects with their extra free time.  Not only will it provide meaningful activity for their homework-free days, but giving back of their own accord will reinforce a sense of accomplishment and make for a happier, worthier summer spent!  Check out ten fun and easy ideas for kids to make a difference this summer:

1.  Hold a Collection – Throwing a birthday bash or pool party this summer?  Include a request for donated items with invitations; non-perishable foods for the local food bank or gently used books for the local women and children’s shelter.

2.  Recycle – Collect recyclables all summer and cash them in before school; take the proceeds and donate to a cause of your choice.

3.  Community Clean Up – Whether it’s your own neighborhood or your favorite nearby park, you and your friends can do a lot for the environment simply by picking up trash and recyclables.  Organize a community clean up with your parents’ supervision and these top tips!

4.  Get Artsy – Decorate hand made cards with kind greetings for neighbors, a nearby nursing home, or the troops abroad.  Or scour the house for miscellaneous craft supplies, hardware and knick-knacks and fashion creative pieces and gifts!

5.  Go Green – Beautify the green space of a neighbor with bright flowers and learn some of the tips and tricks for working with plants.

6.  Raise Funds – Work with friends and run a lemonade stand or car wash; have fun researching good causes which interest you and donate the proceeds accordingly.

7.  Get Cookin’ – Connect with your family’s faith group and find if there are opportunities to help provide food for their outreach, whether they’re hosting guests in mission, or planning meals for a local shelter.

8.  Move It – Stay active and do good by joining your family in running a 5K or participating in a local charity’s walk-a-thon.  Encourage friends and their families to join and make a day of it!

9.  Find Furry Friends – Connect with a local animal shelter or pet store holding an adoption event and find out how you can help with bathing, grooming, and just loving the animals!

10.  Talent Time – Gather friends and organize a performance, be it a talent show or play; invite neighbors to attend for a small suggested donation and give away the proceeds to a good cause.

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