Summer Activity Ideas

10 Online Resources for Planning Summer Fun

The web is chock-full of creative, fun and simple ideas for making your summer a blast with the kids!  Check out some of our favorite resources below for finding inspiration online and planning awesome summer activities that will make for great memories!

1.  Check out an array of summer fun ideas on our new Pinterest board!

2.  Give back and do good as a family with creative family service ideas from MommyPerks!

3.  Plan your family reunion easy with free online sign up sheets and these creative ideas.

4.  Peruse fun apps, specially picked for kids by the cool folks at Famigo!

5.  Throw a backyard carnival with these fun and simply carnival game ideas from Carnival Savers!

6.  Going camping with the kids?  Check out top tips and ideas in our free ebook!

Great Ideas for Camping With Kids

View more presentations from VolunteerSpot

7.  Sidestep the Summer Slide with super fun ideas for encouraging continued learning and reading over the summer months!

8.  Find everything DIY, crafty, printable, and education-fun over on ZiggityZoom.com!

9.  Get crafty with fun and simple ideas from our favorites like TheCraftyCrow, MakeAndTakes, LittleNummies and C.R.A.F.T.!

10.  Savor “the moment” with Parenting.com‘s digital initiative – upload photos, share stories and find ideas and inspiration!


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