Classroom Activities

The Frugal Room Mom’s Guide to Fun

The great thing about kids is that they’re minds are blooming and they find almost everything interesting and fun!  If you’re looking to make a memorable year for your classroom on a budget, we’ve got you covered.

Check out 7 Cost-Friendly Classroom Activity Ideas

1.  Get Sporty:  It’s as simple as asking to borrow a few basketballs from the gym – get going on some fun outdoor basketball games for kids!

2.  Found Art Crafts:  Create this activity station at your next class party with the knick-knacks and scrap material or paper; decorate cards, old photo frames, desk name tags, bulletin boards, you name it!

3.  Pinspiration: Get inspired with low budget crafts, snacks and kids games over on Pinterest!

4.  Group Games:  Build classroom community and energize that team-building spirit with these no-cost group game ideas for kids of all ages!

5.  Language Fun:  Get silly and encourage your little poets with fun Poetry writing and recitation activities!

6.  Carnival Creations:  With minimal supplies, you can throw a classroom carnival party with all the classic games kids love!

7.  Go Green: Educate and spark action with environmental awareness activities including special projects for the classroom like recycling and eco-reading!

BONUS IDEA!  Organize your parent volunteers with free online sign up sheets!  Save money, time, and phone calls by getting more parents involved and helping out!


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