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Team Mom Parent Volunteer Scheduling

Are you a team mom? Soccer mom? Hockey mom? We all know it’s never as simple as showing up at games and cheering on your kids and their teammates (though we wish it could be).  Team parents work closely with the coach depending on the sport and oftentimes are relied on to perform organizational and administrative duties. Get ready with our team mom check list and save time (and stress) organizing your parents with free online sign up sheets!

Game/Practice Schedule – Make sure all player families have hard copies of game and practice schedules as well as access to an online schedule incase theirs is misplaced.

Roster/Team Lists – Create a roster off all the players, where they live, parents email & phone numbers.  This provides a quick contact list as well as reference for a car pool system.

Uniforms/Trophies – Get t-shirt sizes for each player, collect money, place order, pick up and make sure very player gets theirs.

Fundraisers/Banners/Sponsors – Get called on to help organize a team fundraiser or collect money from parents if they decide to forgo fundraising.  You are also the go-to person for connecting with a team sponsor and having a banner made for the team.

Snacks – Organize parent volunteers to provide snacks and drinks for practices and games.

Score Keeping – You may even get called on to keep scores and stats; and occasionally, if the coach or referee/umpire is out, lead practice or ref games.

Communicator – A team parent is relied upon to be a reliable person to communicate urgent information too, i.e. if a parent volunteer cannot make their commitment, if a player will be out sick.

Picture Day/Coach Gift – Organize and plan a meeting and photographer for the team picture, as well as collect dues and purchase a gift for the coach from the team.

Party – Organizing the end-of-season party including location, food, drinks, attendance, and decorations.

For all these duties, VolunteerSpot is a MUST! Free online sign up sheets are the simplest and most efficient way to schedule game snack volunteers, plan your end of season party, assemble a roster and game schedule for players and parents, in addition to fundraising and collecting t-shirt sizes and dues.

Save even more time with the new iPad app, Clipboard by VolunteerSpot!  At your next team parent meeting or practice/game, bring up your VolunteerSpot activities and let parents sign up on the spot in a matter of minutes.

You will capture their email, name, and phone number and they will get both confirmation and reminder emails of their spots





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