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Back to School time is one story, back to middle school is whole ‘nother story!  Help your pre-teen or teen go back to school in style with these FAB diy locker art ideas from Tausha Hoyt of SassyStyleRedesign.com.

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Kinli close up-sepiaI have 3 girls. My husband threatens to move out at least once a month. I calmly tell him it is all his fault and if he leaves, he had better leave me his credit card. I’m kidding, sort of…

My oldest is 12. She will be going into 7th grade this year.

I can’t believe I have a daughter in Jr. High! Right after this picture was taken-she said some smart alec thing…she is so 12 going onto 17! A couple of things that I have discovered recently..

1-I feel really old because I remember being in 7th grade. ( I had short hair and a perm…enough said)

2- She must have a stylish locker to impress all her little friends. Yes, I realize  that this is silly thing, but it gave me a good excuse to go to Target and buy super cute school supplies. (I remember when I was in Jr. High, one of my friends had the cutest locker. It was full of super cute pens and little notes and stuff. I don’t know why I remember this random thing, but I do)

3– Plus-locker accessories are super ugly at the stores. I was even disappointed in Target’s selection. In addition to being ugly, they are expensive.

With all of this information, I decided to make my own. I headed to the dollar store, Wal-Mart and I raided my stash of stuff.

DIY locker accessories supplies

The dollar store has some super cute stuff right now. Where else could you find a snack pack size of kleenex that are Phineas & Ferb?

I knew that she needed a mirror and some magnets to hang up her millions of pictures of One Direction.(for me, it was New Kids on The Block)

one direction

I pulled out my washi tape and got to taping! The mirror was from wal-mart-I think it was around $2. I have done a couple of other washi tape projects for back to school too. I just redid the laptop desk!

DIY locker accessories finished mirror, magnets

The little flowers are erasers from the dollar store.  Why do I have a nickel? It’s her little reminder to stop, even if it is only for a second, from her busy day and say a prayer. My hope is that she will be reminded how blessed she is and to be better that day than the day before.

I know that she will need something to put her pencils,pens etc.. in.  I looked at the pencil holders at the big box stores and they left a lot to be desired. So, again, I made my own.

locker supply pencil holder collage

I wanted something that would hold quite a few pens, but still be sturdy enough to put magnets on.

DIY locker accessories pencil holder supplies

I found a  4 pack of these plastic cups at the dollar store. I knew that this would be perfect. I just taped, and taped and taped some more. Once the cup was taped, I hot glued on 3 button magnets. Make sure that you use the button magnets and not just the strips. The strips will not hold the cup and the pencils.  I am not sure if she will put the cup on her door or on a shelf. I thought that I would include the magnets just in case.

DIY locker accessories finished pencil holder

I had a fantastic frame that was just begging for some spray paint.

locker supply cork board collage

I pulled a turquoise color from my stash and went to town.  Once it was dry, I added the foam core board so that there was something for the pins to stick in.  I covered the foam core board with some yummy ,green chevron fabric from Riley Blake. The more color the better. I used some game pieces to make the push pins. I just hot glued the cardboard pieces to some push pins.  “HI” and her and her locker mates initials. I added a million magnets to this one. Well, not a million, but at least 6.

DIY locker accessories finished frame 1

I wanted to make her something unique, something that no one else would have. So, I came up with a school survival it.  I put this together for under $3.  It was super simple to do and I am planning on putting one together for each of my young women.

DIY locker accessories bacl to school survival kit

I found the tupperware in a 4 pack at the dollar store. I again just added some washi love to it. I added the owl sticker because she loves owls.

I filled it with things that she might need.

DIY locker accessories survival kit contents

Phineas and Ferb Kleenex






The container for the advil is a little unique.

locker supply advil case

I used a contact case! It was the perfect size for 4 Advil and no one will know what it is. I added some strips of washi to the top and some mini sticker letters. This little thing was one of the most simple things that I did and the thing that she loved the most!  There are 2 in her little kit, one for her and one for her roomie.

All of these ideas are super simple and cheap! You know, my 2 favorite words when it comes to creating!

DIY locker accessories full shot

I hope that I have inspired you to hit up the school supplies aisle and the spray paint aisle. PS-the owl was at Target, in the dollar section.


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