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8 Ways Class Parents Can Volunteer from Home

Room moms, encourage ALL your class parents to get involved this year by offering ways for them to help out, whether it’s in the classroom or at home.  We all know busy working parents can’t always allow their physical presence reading in the classroom or chaperoning on a field trip – let them know they can still contribute and make a difference from home with these eight ideas:

1.  Make artwork, cut-outs and decorations for the class bulletin boards or door.

2.  Use your tech skills and help update the class webpage or blog with new calendar events, assignment deadlines, and news.

3.  Offer to coordinate classroom helpers and school volunteers  – it’s easy with VolunteerSpot.com free online sign up sheets  let parents sign up to help on a simple online calendar they can access from any computer or smartphone, 24/7.  Automated reminders help everyone keep their commitments too!

4.  Cook! Whether it’s baking something for the class party or cooking a dish for the teacher breakfast, delicious treats are always welcomed!

5.  Compile and sort class photos for the end of semester slideshow, yearbook, or class newsletter.

6.  Help the teacher research websites for a lesson plan or finalize the powerpoint they have been working on to enhance the class learning environment.

7.  Collect and donate gently used books for the classroom.

8.  Scan the web for new and unique class party and recess game ideas.


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