Class Party Ideas

 3 Creative Ways to Give Your Classroom Party a Lift

Do away with the hum-drum class party novelties and spice things up with creative class party ideas that will keep kids smiling and talking about it for days!

1.  Photo Booth – Give kids a chance to get silly and make fun memories with a makeshift photo booth at your next class party.  Makoodle.com has a fabulous idea for a DIY quick set-up photo booth; use colorful plastic tablecloths strung together.  Provide props for kids like large, empty picture frames, big sunglasses, and funny hats.  Share pictures with parents, with the yearbook committee and the teacher for class photo albums and end of year slideshows.

Photo Courtesy of Makoodle.com


2.  Invite Grandparents:  Get grandparents in on the fun too by inviting them for class party tea time!  Grandparents not available for some students?  Encourage them to invite a different extended relative or close family friend.  Let kids introduce their special relative or family friend and have them tell or story or share a fun memory of their time together.

We love this Grandparent’s Day craft from KiboomuKidsCrafts.com!

Photo Courtesy of KiboomuKidsCrafts.com


3.  Mini Talent Show:  After all the goodies are eaten, hold a mini talent show and ask kids to individually or as groups prepare a two minute presentation of their special talent or skill.  Whether it’s singing, telling jokes, passing the soccer ball, you name it – kids will love their time in the spotlight and students will learn things about one another they did not yet know!

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