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Tips, Tricks & Board Ideas for Room Parents on Pinterest

A sure-fire way to keep up with class parents, engage them and form new paths of communication is to embrace technology and use it to your advantage!  One of the hottest social sharing sites of the year is Pinterest, a visual platform for connecting and inspiring with images, photos and pictures.  It may seem far out, thinking of using Pinterest to engage your class parents, but we’re here to help you see the forest through the trees with tips, tricks and fun board ideas!

1.  Get Started – We have all you need to know for setting up your own Pinterest account, creating boards, and grabbing a Pin It button here: Pinterest for Room Parents

2.  Invite Others to Join – Talk to other class parents and find out if they are on Pinterest too.  Invite them to collaborate on your boards and spread the word to other classes and teacher.  To invite a collaborator to pin on your board, simply click the Edit button on your board – enter their name in the “Add Another Pinner” field and save!


3.  Spread the Word – Let class parents know you and others are pinning fun ideas and ask them to follow, like and repin you!  Include links to the Pinterest board(s) in class emails, eNewsletters, on the class blog or website, you name it!

4.  Keep Pinning!

Board ideas for your classroom:

  • Field Trip Ideas
  • Class Party Ideas
  • Art Project Fun
  • Classroom Enrichment Activities
  • Healthy Snacks
  • School Auction Items
  • Free Family Fun in the Community
  • Age-Level Books & Reading
  • Fun Math Websites


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