Field Trip Ideas

3 Ways to Go On a Field Trip Without Ever Leaving the Classroom

While we don’t all have a magic school bus to explore new worlds in a mere school day, everyone has the ability to take students on a magical field trip – even when budgets are tight and and it doesn’t seem possible.

Coordinate class parents and local community professionals to provide a “out of classroom” experience for the students in your class – try one of these 3 ideas!

1.  Planetarium:  Turn the classroom into a planetarium with hanging stars, large maps of constellations, and mobilized planets.  Decorate the teacher’s door and bulletin boards with solar system faces and ask a local astronomer to come in to talk and take questions.  Project old footage of space launches and movie clips of astronauts in outer space.  Create a themed photo booth by taking a refrigerator box and fashioning a rocket with a front window cut out for kids’ faces.

2.  Aquarium: Dive under the sea in the classroom with wave cut-outs taped up along the walls.  Gather temporary donations of shells, star fish, urchins, and other ocean items from class families, and place them in a large aquarium filled with water.  Have a scuba instructor come in and let kids take turns putting on gear and dipping their heads underwater.  Screen short documentary clips from underwater adventures and have kids take turns sharing their favorite marine animals.

3.  Museum:  Delve into the history of your city or town by asking a local historian or city official to come in and tell students about when and how their town originated, as well as large events in history that made their region what it is today.  Create clues and lead groups of students on a scavenger hunt for artifacts and foods of the area that also help teach its rich history.  End with students sharing their family’s favorite places to go and have fun in the city.


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