11 Rules of Halloween Trick-or-Treating Etiquette

Featured Content by Our Blogger Friend: Deirdre Smith of JDaniel4sMom.com

Our friend Deirdre is sharing that while her own family isn’t perfect when it comes to minding your Ps & Qs on All Hallow’s Eve, she has been working on it for years and she has come up with 11 really terrific suggestions to help keep your ‘ghouls’ and guys with in the boundries of all things nice and less tricks!

As Halloween draws closer and closer I thought it would be a good time to think about they kind of etiquette we would like our children to display while they are trick or treating. Trick or treating  around our neighborhoods gives us a wonderful opportunity to interact with neighbors and share our attempts to help our children learn to display good manners.

Our favorite suggestion is about “Butting in the Candy Line”

We go trick or treating with our next door neighbors. That means there are three boys rushing to get from door to door. I really don’t want JDaniel pushing to the front of the line to be first. The truth is the neighbors are probably going to give the same candy and in the same amount to each of the children. Being first isn’t really going to benefit JDaniel and will just make him seem pushy.

Please Read the rest of her post about Halloween Etiquette.

Don’t miss the Four “W”s at the bottom!

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