Art Projects for Kids

Camp Crafts for the Classroom

Bring a little summer fun to the classroom, no matter the time of year, with simple yet fun camp crafts!

1.  Friendship Bracelets: Kids love campy, colorful bracelets, anklets and necklaces – and in the classroom, it can be a great way to engage students outside of their friend groups.  Make it an art project to create the friendship keepsakes and then have each student draw another’s name out of a hat to whom they give their creation!  Find tutorial videos and how-to tips over at Squidoo.com!

Photo Courtesy of MakeandTakes.com

2.  Glue Yarn Balls: It’s not a cat toy, it’s a yarn ball!  These super fun crafts  let kids get a smidge messy, but help them create something really unique.  Once dry and touchable, these glue yarn balls can make for some real classroom fun – think toss games or interactive geometry lessons. Find step by step instruction with pictures over on Make and Takes!

3.  Rock Monsters (Pet Rocks): A fun past-time for generations, pet rocks are one of the simplest crafts to manage.  Ask students to bring a small, smooth rock or stone from home – or take a quick nature walk (weather-permitting) where they can find one for themselves.  A little acrylic paint and a lot of imagination makes these inanimate objects come to life!  Find supply lists and instructions, as well as more rock monster ideas over on FreeKidsCrafts.com.

4.  Coffee Filter Crafts:  Craft time is truly as simple as inexpensive coffee filters and water colors or markers!  Create butterflies like those from About.com or coffee filter flowers from Kaboose.com!  Turn the art project into a service-learning experience by helping kids deliver their creations to school staff members as tokens of appreciation.

5.  Tie Dye: Whether it’s t-shirts, pillow cases, socks or ever coffee filters, tie dye is always a fun camp craft kids will love!  Whether it’s in the art room or outside before it gets too cold, this kids art project is always a favorite!  Don’t miss tie dye ideas and how-to’s!

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