Teacher Gift Idea

Digital Gifts for Your Teacher

Fast and easy teacher gifts are simply (and meaningful) when you incorporate digital media!  Check out five creative ideas below:

1.  Video:  Smartphones make it super easy to capture video these days!  Make a brief video of students saying what they love most about their teacher – upload and share privately with your teacher and class parents via email or facebook.  Bonus:  Screen your short video at the holiday class party!

2.  Slideshow: Platforms like Animoto help you take pictures and text and make a beautiful digital slideshow that can be embedded on the class website, blog or shared via social media.

3.  Photo Album:  Flickr and Shutterfly, for example, let you organize photos from the class’ first semester and share them with the teacher and class parents.  *Organize a class gift like a digital photo frame for the teacher’s desk and load with your photos.

4.  Social Shouts: Encourage class parents to share their love for the teacher on facebook and twitter, whether it’s on the teacher’s page, or the school’s group facebook page.

5.  Music:  Encourage students to submit their favorite song that reminds them of their teacher and what they do – compile for a mixed cd the teacher can listen to over break!