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5 Ways to Pump Up Your Gift Card

Gift cards don’t have to seem like meaningless gestures – teachers actually want them and there are plenty of ways to add a thoughtful touch!

1.  Make it personal.  Include a hand-written note from you and your child with the gift card.  Touch on your favorite thing about the teacher and how they have made the year special so far.

2.  Make it an add-on.  Attach your gift card to a themed token; for example, a coffee shop gift card can come in a re-usable mug, a shopping gift card in a re-usable tote, a music gift card with a holiday cd, or a bookstore gift card tied to a snazzy bookmark.

3.  Wrap it up. A few supplies and a lot of creativity make for some great gift card presentations including DIY snow globes and bouquets! Find more great ideas on Pinterest.

4.  Make it a surprise.  Find a fun and unexpected place to surprise your teacher with their gift card – whether it’s the teacher’s lounge refrigerator, the windshield of their car, or taped to the back of their classroom door.

5.  Go Big.  Touch base with fellow class parents and find out if they are interested in contributing to a BIG gift card for the teacher – from the whole class!  Bonus: VolunteerSpot’s Collect Contributions feature makes it easy for all your parents to contribute online – fast, easy and secure. Find out more here!

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