Class Party Ideas

Tips for a Successful Classroom Holiday Party

Have a holly jolly holiday party this year with less stress and more fun! Keep these helpful hints and tips in mind for organizing your class party!

1. Plan it

Organize the class party into small group ‘stations’ with kids moving through activities – keep the pace active for the kids and the group-size manageable for parent volunteers.  Age-appropriate game, snack, and craft stations will keep everyone smiling, tummies full, and excited minds focused (consider making it extra special with a gift-exchange or community giving opportunity).

Towards the end of the party, everyone can come together for the final station, story time! Tip: Ask the teacher about the school’s holiday policy.  Will you be planning for nondenominational ‘winter’ and snow themes, or are Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza themes welcome and expected?

*Craft Ideas: Paper snowflakes, milk carton gingerbread houses, reindeer hats and the popular edible crafts like snowman cookies or a candy trains.  Bonus Game: Winter Bingo!

*Snack Ideas: Consider hot cocoa, snowman cookie crafts,  gingerbread cookies, red and green apple slices, popcorn balls and ‘reindeer food’ (trail mix of cereal squares, pretzels, dried fruit and mini marshmallows). Tip: Ask the teacher if any kids have food allergies and if the school has policies limiting sugary treats.

*Stories about polar bears, penguins, snowmen, gingerbread men, Rudolph, and winter are sure to please!  Ask your children’s librarian to recommend festive holiday and winter stories they know kids enjoy.

Tip: Check out VolunteerSpot’s free Classroom Party Guide for more fun winter craft and game ideas!

2.  Get help!

Ask class parents (and grandparents) to pitch in and volunteer either during the party or by contributing supplies and food. Remember to plan for craft and game supplies, snacks,  paper ware, and simple decorations (think plastic table cloths and paper snowflakes). Free online signup sheets from VolunteerSpot.com make it easy to coordinate parent helpers. With the click of a mouse or a tap on a smartphone, parents can quickly choose when to help and what to bring. Automated reminders and interactive comments keep everyone on track.

3.  Have fun!

Enjoy the chaos! Encourage a parent volunteer to snap photos or take video to share with other class parents. If the day doesn’t go exactly as planned, don’t stress – put on a big smile and know that the kids will have a great time no matter what.