5 GREEN Holiday Activities for your Classroom

 Eco Classroom Activities for the Holidays

Keep the environment in mind with your classroom activities this holiday season!  Kids will love to learn, do good, and have fun at the same time with these 5 eco classroom ideas.

Photo Courtesy of CreativeJewishMom.com

1.  Recycled Snowflakes – Paper snowflakes are a novelty holiday craft kids love!  Why not transform the classroom into a winter wonderland with recycled snowflakes made from recycled paper, cardboard, even plastic bottles.  Whether it’s from old worksheets or catalogs/cereal boxes students bring in, recycled snowflakes will add a colorful touch to the holiday celebration. Check out this DIY winter craft from CreativeJewishMom.com.

2.  Adopt an Endangered Animal – A great class initiative to raise money, have a large can or shoe box where kids can drop in change to collect money to adopt a polar bear, penguin etc. somewhere around the world.

3.  Holiday Recycle Relay — Gather bottles, cans, and everyday items and structure a make-shift tree.  Have kids relay race to grab an item from the tree 15 ft. away and come back, deciding whether it is recyclable or not.

4.  Holiday Story Time — Ask the librarian for a fun holiday book suggestion, then hold reading time in the dark for classroom readers (use flashlights); briefly discuss the importance of conserving energy and turning off lights when leaving a room.

5.  GREEN Snacks – Incorporate whole foods, fruits and vegetables for snacks at your holiday party, and keep them green – apple slices, celery sticks, grapes, green jell-o, you name it!


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