New Educational App Gives Back

We are always on the hunt for new apps and education technology that can make learning a family affair.  VolunteerSpot’s newest sponsor, Yushino, is making math fun for kids, helping families connect, and doing good all at the same time!

Yushino – The Words with Friends of Numbers (Sponsored)

250x300_STATIC_FINAL (2)Yushino is the newest app for helping children overcome one of their greatest fears: numbers! Yushino is a free iPhone game, like Words With Friends, but with numbers. Where games like “Scrabble” turn letters and spelling into fun, we found Yushino does the same for math without being too intimidating.

The rules are so simple that you can easily lose to your child (ask us how we know!), giving a competitive twist to family bonding! You make “Yushino words” by adding two numbers and taking the last digit. It’s literally as easy as 123, since 123 is a Yushino “word” (1 plus 2 equals 3). Playing Yushino is brain-teasing app that improves math and strategy skills and incorporates a social aspect into playing against others.

Yushino is free and Ad-free for iPhone/iPod/iPads, coming out on Android and Facebook next month, and hopefully one day, as a good ol’ board game for those cozy family evenings.

Yushino donates to Sandy storm victims for every user

Apart from winding up your brain, playing Yushino also helps your family give back. For every new user that plays their first move, Yushino donates $1 to All Hands Volunteers, a disaster relief-focused charity helping Sandy storm victims; their goal is to reach a $10,000 donation and you can help just by playing!

We invite parents to play a game with their friends and children and to spread the word, proving that gaming is good both for the brain and for volunteering.

Enjoy a game of Yushino for GOOD!

FREE Download for iOS.

If you don’t have an iPhone/iPad/iPod, you can like YushinoTheGame on Facebook so they can let you know when their Android/Facebook App versions are out.