Classroom Activities

Celebrating 100 Days in School!

The 100th day in school milestone is celebrated all across the country in fun and creative ways! Here are 10 ideas to help your class have a blast celebrating being 100 days smarter!

  • 100 days copyHave each student write three or four compliments about another student and the teacher, and post 100 total compliments up on the bulletin board.
  • Collect 100 pennies and glue gun them onto a craft board in the letter-shape of the teacher’s name or as a 1-0-0.
  • Encourage students to write a story together – each student writes a line and passes the story on until 100 lines are written.
  • Create a door decoration as a class that plays on the theme “100 days smarter!”
  • Inspire kids to make a list of 100 acts of kindness they can practice.
  • Let kids get a little silly and spend sharing time talking about what they could eat 100 of, wear 100 of, or spend 100 days doing.
  • Post a writing prompt for students – what are they most proud of from the last 100 days in school?
  • Practice addition, subtraction and multiplication while staying active! ┬áHave students group together in numbers that represent the factors of 100 and formulas that add up to 100.
  • Print certificates that say “Congratulations, __________ is 100 days smarter” and have students sign and color them.
  • 100 Days Treats! Use cookies or oreos for zeros and a healthy carrot or celery stick for the 1.