Teacher Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Gifts for Teachers

February 14th is synonymous with expressing one’s love for those we care about – no one is more caring than our teachers and Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to share small tokens of love! Don’t miss our ten fun yet simple ideas!

Photo Courtesy of TwoPeasInABucket

1.  Is your teacher a coffee lover? Surprise them with a hot latte Valentine’s morning or a coffee shop gift card hidden in a paper Valentine!

2.  Everyone loves a love letter! Encourage your child to hand-write a special note of appreciation that captures what they love about their teacher and what their favorite part of class is.

3.  Add a printable label to something the teacher can use – a small bottle of hand sanitizer or little canister of mints. We love these printables from IHeartNapTime.net!

4.  Personalize a ToDo List notepad or or wrap up new post-it notes with pink and red ribbon and a Valentine.

5.  Fill vintage glass bottles with small red and pink candies (like M & Ms) and tie with ribbon and a sweet note. We love this example from TwoPeasInABucket.com!



Photo Courtesy of Blog.TinyPrints.Com

6.  Fuzzy slipper cupcakes are so creative! Roll up a new pair of inexpensive fuzzy slippers or socks into a large cupcake wrapper and tie with a ribbon – check out how on BarbSchram.blogspot.com!

7.  Felt envelopes with buttons (like these from Blog.TinyPrints.com) are perfect holders for candy, gift cards, and paper Valentine’s!

8.  Wrap small votive candles with purple or pink ribbon and dot with rhinestone hearts – simple, crafty, and your child can help!

9.  You can’t go wrong with baked goods! Give your child’s teacher a small batch of Valentines-themed cupcakes or brownies, include a recipe tag with your dish.

10. With craft paper and pens, design a heart-shaped word cloud where students can each put their name, scribe the teacher’s name in large print front and center, see a great example at KidsOrg.blogspot.com!