Classroom Activities

Musical Activities for the Classroom

Music and the arts are always enriching subjects for the classroom – integrate fun musical activities in the classroom with these creative ideas:

MusicEveryday Instruments: Have students find one classroom item which they can turn into an instrument – rulers, pencil boxes, cans, boxes, horns, you name it.  Have each student play their instrument for a measure and then enjoy the chaos when students all play at the same time and try to keep one another’s beats.

Make Up a Song: Engage in word play by having students form a large circle and go one by one making up a new line for a class song.  They can create their own story or make up a nice song about the teacher, the classroom or the school.

Group Dance: Group students off into 4 or 5 and give them fifteen minutes to come up with a 1 minute dance to a song of the teacher’s choosing.  Everyone performs their dance for the class outside (weather permitting).  It’s a real hoot and kids will love being creative and cheering one another on!

Genre Game: Ask students what their favorites types of music are and encourage them to share with the class. Choose a commonly known song, like ‘Old MacDonald’, and have students sing lines of the song in different genres – country, hip hop, opera, you name it!

Alma Mater: Ask the music teacher to join the class and teach students the local high school alma mater if there is not one for the younger school.  Kids can practice writing it down and reciting it.

Interesting Instruments: Find out if there are any musical parents in the classroom and what instruments they play.  Have a day where they come in a do a small performance, talk about their instrument and their love of music.

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