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St. Patrick’s Day Fun for the Classroom

Is it the pot of gold we dream of at the end of the rainbow or simply the idea of luck which gets kids and adults alike so excited about St. Patrick’s Day? Whatever it may be, celebrate the season with these fun classroom activities kids will love – from word searches to art projects, you’ll find something perfect for your classroom!

 St. Patrick’s Day Word Search via Parenting.com

Image Courtesy of Parenting.com

Image Courtesy of Parenting.com

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Dinner Talk via HappyHomeFairy.com.

Fun FREE family conversation cards for the holiday!

St. Patrick's Day Conversation Cards

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St. Patrick’s Day Handprint Art via EmbraceYourChaos.com

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St. Paddy’s Day Freebies – Coloring Sheets & Writing Prompts via TheArtofTeachingUT

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St. Patrick’s Day Treats via RoomMomSpot.com

Leprechaun Hat Pops

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