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Flower Power Crafts for Kids

The beautiful emergence of Spring can make the classroom giddy and restless to get outside! Plan fun (and simple) art projects for the class that capture the essence of the season – check out some of our favorite flower-themed crafts from the web!

Daffodil Pinwheel Craft via NurtureStore.co.uk

st david's day daffodil craft

Image Courtesy of NurtureStore.co.uk

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Cupcake & Pipe Cleaner Flower Crafts from MamaSmiles.com

spring flower craft

Image Courtesy of MamaSmiles.com

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Fingerprint Flowers via TheIdeaBox.com

Image Courtesy of TheIdeaBox.com

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Craft Stick Flower Craft via EasyPreschoolCraft

Image Courtesy of EasyPreschoolCraft

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Cheerio Flower Craft via NoTimeForFlashCards

Image Courtesy of NoTimeForFlashCards