Volunteer Appreciation Week 2013

Creative Ways to Thank Classroom Volunteers

Volunteer Appreciation Week serves as a special time to recognize champions of service and who better encompasses this type of volunteer than classroom parents! From the moms who throw class parties, chaperone field trips and staff lunch duty, to the dads running the car pickup lane and volunteering for reading time, engaged parent volunteers are key to a classroom’s success.

Celebrate your classroom’s volunteers with these creative ideas:

Quote Series Chalkboard - Thank You

A ‘BIG’ Thank You Card – Students will LOVE to help construct, decorate and sign an oversized card that has a special message of thanks for all your classroom volunteers. A large poster board folded in half or sandwich board that can be hung over a chair makes for a wonderful canvas students can decorate.

Tokens & Gifts – Work out some ‘art project’ time with the teacher to dedicate towards creating small tokens of appreciation for classroom volunteers. ¬†Encourage students to use their creativity and simple art supplies to decorate homemade photo frames, handmade jewelry and small keepsakes parent volunteers will adore.

Signed Canvas Item – Colorful fabric markers make it easy to let students sign a reusable tote bag or apron for their favorite classroom volunteers.

Thumbprint Art – On a carefully stenciled tree outline, have students each leave a thumbprint leaf with their name in it. ¬†Include a caption below the tree for the parent volunteer like, “Thank You Ms. _____, you’ve helped us all grow!”

Notes & Cards – Turn the classroom bulletin board into a “thank you” fest by stapling small paper pockets in rows with each parent volunteer’s name on it. Have students write short, thoughtful notes to their favorite parent volunteers and leave them in the paper pockets where those volunteers can find them on the days they visit the class.

Parent Volunteer Coordination